ProInker Brush Megapack for Procreate

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ProInker's are Eric Merced's custom Procreate Inking Brushes. Easy to install well crafted Procreate brushes designed in and for Procreate 5 app.

Current Version: 5.0

About this update:

A major update leap to version 5. We skipped version 4 and went straight to version 5 to keep our version numbers consistent with Procreates version numbering. All of the brushes have been tweaked and modified to work with Procreate 5.

In addition, these new brushes have been added

Mr. Dry

Mr. Dry 2

Mr. Dry 3

Mr. Dry 4

Rough Brush Pen 2 w/ Tilt

The Cartoonist 3

A New Kind of Pencil

Kings Krackle 3

Note: These brushes have been created and tested with Procreate 5, Compatibility with any previous versions is not guaranteed. Please make sure you are running iOS 13 and Procreate 5

To install brushes, download the .zip file directly to the iCloud Files app on your iPad. To unpack the .zip file, just tap on it and iOS will extract the folder contained within. Look in the folder and tap on each individual brush file and they will be automatically imported into Procreate 5.

You can also watch this video:

How to Import Procreate and Photoshop Brushes into Procreate 5

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Procreate inking brushes set, including sketch, texture and shape brushes.

Ink brushes
Sketch brushes
Shape brushes
Texture brushes
128 MB
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ProInker Brush Megapack for Procreate

36 ratings
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